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Celeste Caliri

Pilatecising  Instructor

Pi · Lat · e · cise



Present Participle: Pilatecising


1. An actual term I made up.

2. Pilates based movement, with a bar style slow count, a Billy Blanks tempo, a lot of tiny grounding moves, but with fantasy-fiction style descriptions. Basically your muscles will cry, but I'll keep your faces laughing.



Celeste is a Senior Pilates instructor with 20 years of experience. From  a small Stott studio in Kailua, Hawaii, where she taught equipment at a boutique STOTT pilates studios, mixed mat at the local YMCA, then ending the day with sunset pilates, a surf turf sweat session on a white sandy beach. It's the clients during this time that taught her what commitment and devotion to your training looks like, that you can both focus hard and make your muscles quiver while cracking up, and that a weekly class can feel like a warm family gathering. Now in Seattle, but bringing that same personable approach, a very diverse background of movement, and a whole lot of aloha to her classes. She loves working a muscle in a very unassuming way and taking a practice that can be perceived as intimidating and nit-picky and keeping it playful.

Celeste Caliri is my instructor. After 2 major surgeries she brought me back to life. I thought I would never walk again after a horrible surgeon convinced my family it was wise to remove mesh. She slowly got me up again to the best that I could possibly be after having my mesh removed by a horrible surgeon who ruined my body.

She is patient, knowledgable and innovative and for those reasons I am able to exist.  She has transformed my body and is getting me on the right path to recovery. I'm hoping to make a full recovery it has been a tragic year. I'm grateful to have found Celeste and the amazing therapy of Reformer Pilates. I highly recommend Celeste if you have any injuries or just want to get your body back in shape.
Thank you Celeste.



Can't wait to connect!

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