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No really, How'd you do it? ...MAGIC!

Week of November 27th

Hi my Nurlocks, Rock Eaters, Fizzgigs, Santa's Elves,  River Spirits, Dragons, Flying Reindeer, Catbuses...STUPID BATS!

It's beginning to look a lot like stiffness...eeeeeeverytime I move(sung to that Bing Crosby melody). Heading into this frigid season, certain things can start to accumulate, seize up, and go into the red. Like my joint mobility, eczema, liver, credit card limit, and my inbox during the Black Friday Cyber sale madness. By the way you never realize your online shopping (aka snooping) trail until you open your inbox on that Friday after Thanksgiving. It's like seeing your life flash before your eyes, but a part of your life that only you and your devices know about. Every online shop porthole you've ever peeked into comes at you like a fever dream. 


Which is why, as corny as it sounds, our household embraces the magic of this season. Maybe just magic in general. With a child who literally went to school dressed as a wizard this morning, we don't have a choice. I honestly think though it's more than surface hype for her. I actually think it helps all of our own mental health. Especially this time of year. My husband is not alone when it comes to seasonal depression and feeling down in these darker days. It sneaks up on all of us. So, believing in magic might start off as a charade until genuine hope seeps in. There's a fine line between manifesting and conjuring, both require belief you can do it.

Whether it's Harry Potter, Frozen, Studio Ghibli films, even that confusing yelling match between a very comfortable but sick fictitious princess and Sebastian in Never Ending Story (which made total sense to Noemie), they all require trust for magic to work.

Before anything comes out of the end of that wand, you have to believe in yourself for it to happen. Which can seem like false advertising when you're trying to instill hard work into your child, or persuade your darker inner dialogue to snap out of it. For me, magic is a type of dreaming and dreaming opens all the valves to see what's possible. From dreaming comes hope, and then a necessary ingredient to the spell, which is believing in yourself. I don't think there is anything mystical or make believe about that. This is as real as it gets. So yes! Yes to whenever Noemie asks me if magic is real. YES. 


This week lets not just see magic as something for children. Let's tell ourselves magic is real. Because the biggest box that needs to stay checked on our Christmas list is mental health. Getting back to feeling stronger and more motivated sometimes means tricking yourself that something amazing is going to happen. Every huge thing I've accomplished started with even bigger doubts and procrastination. To get past the stuck self doubt point, I had to believe in something that I didn't have evidence for yet. Believe in something bigger than me and my over analytical brain will allow. The ultimate fake it until you make it.  Becoming a mom, getting back into my film career, starting retreats, and now starting my first solo venture in a studio space. All of this had me paralyzed with anxiety. So I had to dream, mix that with hope, and sprinkle belief on top.  My hopeful imagination acted as a preview to life's coming attractions, and that kept me going. So let's be like Noemie this morning and even if the magic isn't coming out of our wand yet, just put on a robe and a wizard cap, and march out of that house. 

Excited to make your bodies sweat, smile, and prove magic is real!! 




'"...that's impossible"

~ Christmas as a young boy

"We never ever say that word. An impossibility is only a possibility if you don't understand yet."

 ~ Elf

- From Netflix film, A Boy Called Christmas 






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