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Week of May 13th

Hi my Cheeky Cheetahs, Lil' Leopards, Beautiful Bobcats ... ADORABLE OCELOTS!

Happy Monday, a very appropriate cool down after a fiery vibrant weekend. Both during the day and night that powerball in the sky was on the clock!! Pulling 24 hour shifts, looking gorg and put together during the day then up all night battling it out! Caught in the crossfires of one of the biggest solar storms in 20 years. No wonder she's recovering and napping behind the clouds today. It was exciting though to catch a peak of summer, but with more flower arrangements, tight fisted hand drawn cards, and brunches. 

Thank you to those of you who brought in your mama friends into the studio for a free class last week. SO FUN! When someone new comes in the studio, experiencing the equipment (and ME) for the first time, never think it slows things down. It actually sparks a fun curiosity and lots of contagious giggles. Even the regulars learn something new or are reminded of important grounding principles. More than anything just thank you for taking time out for or not...mama or not! We all need to pull over into a pit stop during our week's race, while I prance around you in a checkered jumpsuit helping you get realigned, your engines jump started, all your blinking lights checked. This week we will continue checking all the boxes and get a full body sweat. However this time instead of being in a familiar movement and adding an unpredictable twist, we will add depth. Just like our sun this weekend working overtime, we will also work on our stamina. We might still take a different road of strength for our body but explore it further and dig deeper.

I was not just inspired by the sun's action packed weekend, but also this beautiful series we started watching with Noemie on Netflix. It's no secret she is obsessed with cats but as she's maturing and seeing the world through young girl eyes, she's now into not just cute, but FIERCE. She now loves a WILD CAT. So we're watching "Living with Leopards." It wound up being such an appropriate series to get into on Mother's Day weekend because it follows a mother leopard and her two cubs.  How cubs, even when they seem fully grown, still have a lot of predators and so much to learn. How the mother balances nurturing but also teaching them the hard lessons in the dangerous wild so they can protect themselves. Oooh it's so nail biting! As a viewer you get SO attached, but then there's the film crew who spent over a year following this family. They break the fourth wall and are candid about how much they care for these cats. How hard it is to not get involved, actively protect, and just be an observer in these dangerous situations. Shockingly the biggest threat to a leopard cub is another male leopard. He wants to wipe away the mom leopard's family so she can be available as a mate.  UGH! A vicious home wrecker!! In the series the father of the cubs, who is pretty hands off unless there's a threat like this, fights the intruder. The stakes couldn't be any higher and it was so intense. They didn't actually show the fight, making it easier to keep watching our little one. But you find out the outcome.

Then there are the most incredible, very small but very human moments, within the family. Mochima is the mom and you'll find yourself really rooting for her. It seems weird to say, but also admire her parenting. First of all she's gorgeous and such a badass. So already she's figured out that balance. You can also clearly see that even a leopard mom has to pivot their parenting tactic depending on the individual cub's personality (a leopard CAN change their spots when they're a full-time working multitasking mama!). Mochima's son is Datunga, a rebellious teen who comes home past curfew. She'll "call" him and get no answer and leave her version of voice messages by spreading her scent on the trees outside the parameter.  He's clumsier but also fearless. Then there's the daughter Kutjira who is more astute and careful. Stays close to mom and rolls her eyes at her brother. Like with any siblings, where the personalities are on opposite ends of the spectrum, you can see the pros and cons of both. The son being more aggressive will serve him in the wild, but could also cut his life short because of his recklessness. Whereas the daughter being too shy and careful also gets her in dangerous situations. My favorite scene was when Mochima is in a focused frozen crouched position for AN HOUR.  Waiting patiently in the brush for the right moment to pounce on a gazelle, when one of her cubs decided they wanted to play and get mom's attention. With zero awareness they made too much noise and ruined dinner. The antelopes scattered off. I definitely could feel for that mom leopard as she roared with frustration, telling off her cub. Very similar to when I work hard preparing dinner and Noemie runs in the kitchen with a swinging toy and knocks a tray of hot food over. Not only dangerous but all that dinner prep ruined. So I highly recommend this series as something educational and calming to have running in your household. But also as a cathartic show for any parent that needs to see these struggles, mixed with moments of love and comedy, and the sheer STAMINA it requires, are universal.

I hope the weekend filled you with enough solar energy to power you through the week. Whether from the sun showering down on Mother Earth or from love showered down on all our Earthly moms. Even the spotted ones. I also want to acknowledge and give space to those who can't experience Mother's Day as a simple celebration. For those that are struggling in motherhood, grieving their mom, grieving a child, has a complicated relationship with their mom, is yearning to be a mom. It can be very complicated. My hope is that whatever solar storms have happened, or are currently happening, that these bursts and blackouts become less. That you're able to do the work and find that balance, where you're not as aggressive as Datunga or as nervous as Kutjira, to survive the wild and find inner peace. So instead of being in the middle of the crossfires it just appears as smears of painted fluorescent colors in the distance. We build our own protection the same way Earth's magnetic field protects us from solar storms. It's still there but in a way where we can coexist under powerful Northern Lights. 

*REMEMBER studio class packages and private/duet session prices increase in June. So it's a good time to stock up on packages!

**Also $100 off if you Register for the Sayulita retreat before June 1st!! It's coming together y'all, and the group is amazing so far!!! Spread the word:):


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